Thank you for your interest in my 2021 calendar.

We made 1,250 calendars and have sold out.

If you came here to help us deliver more distance learning kits, you can still donate to our 501c3 non-profit partnerHeart of America.

Click here to donate.

Many homes we serve don't have electricity or running water which means the chance to have wifi is not possible and cell phone hot spot services are questionable at best. To help minimize the education gap, we've assembled and delivered over 7,500 distance learning kits. 

The distance learning kits are a backpack size bag containing:

- Grade/Age Appropriate Books

- School & Art Supplies like markers, pencils, notebooks, erasers, glue sticks, crayons, pencil sharpeners, art paper

- PPE like masks, hand sanitizers, metal straws, wipes

- STEM activities like solar cars which students can assemble

- Information on how to effectively stay clean

- Goal Zero Crush Light - Every student will receive a solar lantern which will allow them to have light after the sun goes down. On average each home has 2-3 students attending school which means 2-3 lights per household! With the built in solar panel the Crush Lights are rechargeable from the sun!

With your help we can deliver more distance learning kits to students with learning from home.

Photo’s by Real Salt Lake Foundation photographer Laura Dearden

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