Tuesday, Jan 19, 2020

Location 1: Coal Mine Canyon

Location 2: Canyon Edge

Coal Mine Canyon

Hogan to Coal Mine Canyon: 35 minute drive

Hogan GPS: 36°01'17.1"N 111°32'26.8"W

Coal Mine Canyon: 36°00'38.2"N 111°02'45.5"W

Canyon Edge

Coal Mine Canyon to Canyon Edge: 1.5 hours

Hogan to Canyon Edge: 30 minutes

Hogan GPS: 36°01'16.2"N 111°32'27.6"W

Canyon Edge GPS: 36°09'43.2"N 111°41'57.3"W

Wednesday, Jan 20, 2020

Location 1: Hogan Sunrise

Location 2: Trail Section 1

Location 3: Shadow Mtn. Wash

Location 4: Evening - Jaw Breaker Hills

Hogan Sunrise

Trail Section

Shadow Mtn. Wash

Hogan to Shadow Mtn. Wash: 30 minutes

4 Wheel Drive a MUST!

Hogan GPS: 36°01'17.1"N 111°32'26.8"W

Wash: 36°00'05.0"N 111°28'09.6"W

Jaw Breaker Hills

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