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I grew up with grandparents in a tiny place called Steamboat which is near Ganado and Canyon De Chelly in Arizona. We had one gas station, a tiny post office and that was it.

We also had our fields which measured roughly 12 acres. We ate whatever we grew like peaches, corn, watermelon, bacon, squash, apricots, honeydew, cantaloupe, steak, eggs, beans, mutton and so other things.

I learned how crucial my role was in the family even though I was only in pre-school.

While with my maternal grandparents I also learned a lot about Mother Earth and Father Sky. Over 90% of my photography trips end up without an image for various reasons.

As I saw the clouds brew before sunrise, I knew once the morning light hit the sandstone, the light would be sweet. That it was!!

Amidst the rush to dial in, I remembered the little things like water, prayer and seeds. When planted, nourished and tended to, it can yield so much more like a full stomach!

The small things can make a great impact. Rather than using one of my very large cameras, I used a simple one that cost me about $500 to create this image. I did so to show many you don’t need the most expensive equipment to generate wonderful photographs.

The small things can make a great difference.

Title: Mother Earth & Father Sky

Size: 20”x30”

Edition of 5


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