The weather was the wildest I’d seen in a long time. The land was nourished and so was I. It was refreshing to drive on not so travelled highways where grass was growing out of the cracks.

A couple days into the trip I was engulfed with immense clouds and exquisite light over Canyon De Chelly.

I had a box of our Navajo Hogan t-shirts to drop off in Monument Valley for the school bus drivers. Enroute, I enjoyed a stunning sunset.

Thought the clouds and rain storm had moved on, the storm continued in a way I never thought.

I saw police and ambulances racing to the local fire department and that’s where I spent multiple hours.

Being a stranger I did my best to help, console and simply provide a lending hand to an unknown family.

Then the EMT’s walked towards us. It was the walk…

I’ll forever remember them saying “I’m sorry ma’am. We did all we could. She didn’t make it…” At that precise moment, a mother, grandmother, sisters and relatives screamed in a way I won’t forget.

At my side was a younger sister about the age of our son Denali (8) and, like a boa constrictor, she hugged and squeezed my leg so tight. She exclaimed a cry that shook me to my core. With tears and quivering lips all I could say was “I’m so sorry sweetie. I’m so so sorry…”

Not long after those eternal minutes, I was told they had lost their father just a couple weeks prior.

At that point I was in disbelief, shock, anger and understood deeper the meaning “to mourn with those that mourn.” I also committed to help this family as we are connected by this experience.

I've selected some of my most favorite images and put them on my website for you to order. Our family will donate half of the proceeds (up to $10k) to help the family during this terrible, terrible storm of their lives.

I created this black and white image below from last weeks storm to remind me of how a sliver of light can cast out darkness — thank you SO much for purchasing my work and being a light to a family I have "back home".


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