Twin Warriors of Light

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In the Navajo teachings, the Twin Warriors were born of White Shell Woman and their father was Jóhonaa’éí, the sun.

The twins are known as monster slayers or destroyers of evil. While all spirits were evolving, the Twin Warriors learned how to communicate from far distances to protect all life.

As I photographed these two light beams, I immediately thought of the Twin Warrior story and how they were a light in a world of darkness.

Our Grandpa King Fowler was a Navajo Code Talker and having been the pallbearer at his funeral, I was even more grateful for his service, bravery and knowledge of the language. I hope his friends greet him well in the world of Great Spirits.

They may say Yá’át’ééh shik’is - something said between friends that has us feel like brothers.

The signed and matted image measures 16"x20" - a common frame size which you can find in any art store. Proceeds from your order will help us light and power more homes across Navajoland.

US orders are $100 which includes shipping & handling.

International orders are $125.

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Roughly 20,000 homes don't have electricity. We are working on changing that one home at a time. Below is a short video of how these installations happen - thank you for your support!

History of my online Trading Post

My grandfather lived and worked at the Historic Hubbell Trading Post in Ganado, Arizona for many years. He was an all around problem solver and helped a lot of people. He was a wonderful mechanic and Rez engineer - make something out of nothing in the middle of nowhere!

Before you see my work for sale, I would like to say I do appreciate your visit. Like my grandparents who helped many, proceeds from your purchase(s) will help Navajo families in need.

Here's how:

In 2015, the Gold King Mine spill in Colorado effected thousands of Navajo who depended on the San Juan River for water. From the sales of my images, our family was able to deliver over 5 semi trailers full of fresh drinking water to those in need. Utah's largest news station covered the process as the first story in the series "Utahn's Making a Difference".

In that same year, I was asked by Goal Zero & Eagle Energy to help install solar power on homes in and around Monument Valley - that experience has given me a new kind of light to help more people.

This year, our goal is to find at least 50 more families and power their homes with solar panels, batteries and lights.

I recall doing my school work under a kerosene lamp, candle sticks and often, in front of our wood burning stove. I fell behind in school simply because of no power. Above that, burning kerosene and portable camping propane gas for light is not healthy.

My hope is to help these families with school age children to have power and light to increase their knowledge. A great question to ask is "What can I do without electricity?" 

Thank you again for visiting my online Trading Post! If you have ANY questions, don't hesitate to reach me at


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