2101 was a video and stills project for the Sony A1. The project was a short film on Mylo Folwer. Ben Weiland and Bobcat Davis were film team along with Jeff Taylor. The project was shot in Utah.<br />
<br />
PHOTOGRAPHER: Chris Burkard, Evan Ruderman, Jeffery Brundage<br />
VIDEOGRAPHERS: Ben Weiland, Brain Davis, Jeff Taylor

One of the things that gets my heart rate up is seeing wild horses. They are the unicorns of the desert and when seen, sometimes a mere window of opportunity is made. Often, they will run away as fast as possible.

While making a documentary about my road to photography, the film “MYLO” shares my history to photography. The film by Sony and Burkard Studio’s is nearing 1,000,000 views on YouTube.

During the immense long days, I used a 600mm lens to capture this group of wild horses in the setting sun.

While I was shaking, the stallions were walking right into a sliver of evening light. What an unforgettable moment far from anyone or anything.

Title: Still Wild in the West

Size: 20”x30”

Edition of 5


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask Mylo.

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